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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Snack Attack - What Goes In Your Mouth?

American's love to snack. In fact, so does the world. One of the most popular snacks around is the good old Potato Chip. In 2005, potato chips generated a total global revenue of 16.4 billion dollars. That accounted for 35.5% of the total savory snacks market that year. Hey, that's a lot of snacking. But that still leaves 64.5% left over. Here's a few of the more unusual flavors available to the savory snacker.

These fried chicken skins were described as tasting like fried grease. Yum! I bet these are popular in rural Arkansas.

Who doesn't love sour cream and clams? And then add it to ptotato chips and you've got a loaded baked potato that's on every seafood restaurant's menu. NOT!

That's real Buffalo (like the animal) not hot buffalo sauce. Hey, nothing's more American then meat and potatoes. And we all know how discerning the American palate is. Why just the other day I was telling my friends how we need more "Buffalo" flavored foods.

Oh yes, food of choice by every rapper in America. I can just see them now, in the hood, eating cheese and honeydew...come on now, who thinks up these things? Who eats cheese and honeydew? And if I did, why would I want it crunchy?

Fuzzely melty prawns!? What's next, crunchy creamy tripe?

The full name is Walker's Marmite Yeast Extract Flavour Crips. After all, Yeast is THE most popular snack flavor in the world.

Hey, we're not the only ones with wild snacks. Just take a look below at some of these tasty tidbits from other countries. I may be able to handle seaweed but Octopus, Squid, and Cuttlefush? The octopus chips look like big gold fish crackers. The taste like lobster for about 2 seconds before turning into a rotten fish taste. The squid crackers smell like a 3 day old third world fish market and taste like fish that were carried in dead by the tide. The cuttlefish snack (what the heck is cuttlefish anyway and why snack on it?) look similar to bugles and have the same nasty did fish smell...but if you can get past the smell, they don't taste that bad. Hmmmm.

Yo, I didn't even include the pickled onion snack crisps or the Vale D'Ouro Biscoitos de Polvilho, which are biscuits that look like peanut packing shells and taste like cardboard with an old sneaker aftertaste. Yum. I think I'll just stick with good old american potato chips. And if I want something wild, I'll get Bar-B-Q flavor or whip open some Fritos. Ole!


foongpc said...

I love potato chips, but too bad it's unhealthy. Well, I do indulge once in a while though : )

LiteralDan said...

Did you actually taste all of these things???

If so, I salute you, and if not, thanks anyway for gathering these all together. Makes me really antsy for another edition of Steve, Don't Eat It! at The Sneeze. If you haven't been, I think you'll enjoy at least that series of posts.

Bingkee said...

We Filipinos love to snack too. The only difference, we have so small servings and American snacks come in jumbo sizes.
Thanks for the comment...have a blessed week.

Qelqoth said...

Oh man...tell me you did not just attack our awesome Walkers Marmite crisps! Those things are totally like a gift from god!

You're right about the Skips prawn cocktain snacks though. Those things are beyond revolting. Be thankful that you don't live in the UK.

Preston said...

Hey qelqoth, no where did I say that the Walker's Marmite Crisps tasted bad. I just think it's not a very appealing name. What's next, Betty Crocker's Marmite Yeast Extract pudding cake?