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Monday, September 15, 2008

I Bought a Samsung S860 Digital Camera, Finally!

Sissy - I haven't learned red-eye reduction, yet, so what?

First, I’d like to say thanks to the people who left me such nice comments to my “Random Acts of Kindness” post. Like I said in the post, I wasn’t looking for kudos. I was sharing a story in hopes that other people might do the same--without looking for any reward, unlike that Nanny Goats person and her little Emmy-looking trophy thing. (Congrats girl, I’m so jealous)

Now to the good stuff: I bought a camera! Yes, I did. Can you believe it? (And to all of you out there who I know were gearing up to get me one, you’ve been reprieved!) When I checked my checking account balance it was almost $800 too high, so I called the credit union and they informed me that my NJ Homestead Rebate was deposited today. Yee haw to found money!

Now both of my last bonuses from work went strictly to paying bills. In fact, the only thing I got for myself out of my last bonus was a $40 bottle of Ketel One. Boy, do I know where to spend my money. Anyway, I decided to buy myself something special from this windfall, before I used the money to pay bills. And even though I could have totally paid off one particular nagging bill, I went to Circuit City and bought myself a green colored, Samsung S860 Digital Camera with 8.1 mega pixels, 3x digital zoom, image stabilization, red eye reduction, face detection, and a 2.4 inch LCD screen. It also came with an AV cable and a 2 GB memory card AND all that for only $99.95, plus tax. Am I the good little shopper, or what?

So I won’t pay that one bill off completely. I can live with that because now I can adorn my blog with pictures that I’ve actually taken myself, like the ones here of my dogs, Sissy & Dave. Don’t you just love that kitschy lamp shade? And please don’t make any comments about the mess and/or dust in the pictures, either. I’m not your typical gay man. I’m a slob. My gay friends all have pristine homes and apartments where you could eat off the floors. I don’t even want to sit on my floors. In fact, when they come to visit, they usually ask me, “Are you sure your gay?” Of course, I’m very, very sure.

Well wish me luck with my new camera. I can’t wait until Heather makes a new meal, we go out to dinner, or I see something cool that I want to blog about. I can just snap a picture and be on my happy, blog-posting way. I’ve had some great posts in mind but it involved taking pictures. And no, not any of THOSE types of pictures, puhleeze. I want you folks to come back. After all, that’s why we all blog, camera or no camera, right? Happy blogging guys!

Good ole Dave lickin' his chops


Stinkypaw said...

Gorgeous dogs, well fed I see! ;-)

Congrats on your purchase, and remember if you want me to showcase your dogs, let me know!

Diana said...

Have fun with your new camera!! I have a Squidoo page that offers photography tips, if interested :)