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Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Major Award, Kind of

I’ve received another blogger-to-blogger award: The Kind Blogger. I would like to thank JT from Prepare to be Absurdized for passing this award on to me. Check out his blog. He’s some kind of blogger! Plus, I have a sneaking suspicion that there are tons of these types of awards floating around the blogger world. Regardless, I’m still thrilled and here are the rules the winners must follow to post this award.

1. Four winners have to be followers of your blog.
2. One has to be a newbie follower.
3. The last one has to be the one who sent you this award. (See above)

There you have it. It’s very simple. So drumroll please…the recipients are:

1. Fried Chicken and Grits – TKM was one of the first bloggers to show kindness to me. She also handed me my first award, so right back atcha girl!
2. Nanny Goats in Panties -- The name says it all. Nanny Goats couldn’t be nicer and her blog always makes me laugh. Here’s one more for your trophy case, Margaret.
3. I Do Things So You Don’t Have To – JD does things so you don’t have to. How kind is that?
4. Sass & Veracity and Kellmentology – Kelly is my newbie. A two blog woman, she describes herself as “Wifey, mother of three older sons, serious foodie, pet affecionado, and erstwhile English Teacher all wrapped up in one.” She’s certainly one of a kind.

Well there you have it. Congratulations to all the winners! And if there are any more awards around, be kind and send them my way.


kellypea said...

Hey, thanks! When I started my non-food blog, awards whirled around like crazy. I still see them out there quite a bit, but am noticing them more and more in foodland. I enjoy the fact that they do help lead to new people, and that makes it all worthwhile in my book. Thanks very much!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Hey thanks! How kind of YOU! This is SO going on my trophy case!

Woo hoo! I'm going to invite all my friends over to show off my new award and make them jealous!

GMG said...

Thank you so much for hopping by our blog! i think you do deserve the Kind Blog Award. ;) congrats and enjoy your day!

JD at I Do Things said...

WOO! This is a very cool award. Congratulations to YOU and thank you for sharing it with me.

One of the great things about these awards is discovering new bloggers. I am a big fan of Nanny Goats in Panties, but I had not heard of the other two awardees.

Kindness is COOL!

JD at I Do Things

Southern Goddess said...

Thank you! I really appreciate this, it made my day 10 times better. See, I told you you are witty and charming!