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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Junk Drawer Blog

I've just come across a really cool blog called, The Junk Drawer. It's run by Kathy Frederick, who seems to be a pretty cool gal herself. Her theme is "fresh and delicious stories about anything that amuses me, confuses me, or makes me blow a gasket." I love fresh and delicious! And who hasn't been amused, confused, or... uh, well, I won't go there. Anyway, she's got this great post titled, There's Always a First Time.

It's a simple post. She lists 10 questions about "firsts" and then asks her blog readers to respond with their answers. It's the perfect post. It's flattering, voyeuristic, and narcissistic for her readers. After all, most of them are bloggers so they already LOVE to write about themselves. And boy do they reveal a lot!

I've gotta give her her props. I'd have stolen her idea (and it wouldn't have been the first time for that) but she's had so many responses that its too much fun reading them all. And trust me, it'll take you some time to get through all of them.

So go ahead. Hit the link. Go to her blog and answer her questions. Read the answers. Read my answers. I dare you! In fact, I'm begging you. I wannna see your answers. I NEED to see your answers. (God, my life is so dull) Just do it and tell her I sent you her way. There's a first time for everything!


Kathy said...

Preston, thanks so much for the great write-up about my blog and the post that drew so many responses from people. I really never expected that! It was a hoot reading all the comments. I loved that people felt compelled to share.

Kathy at The Junk Drawer

Preston said...

Hey, I was happy to do it. Great posts deserve recognition. Loved reading the answers!