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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Book Dads Contest: Win 2 Funny Books for Guys Who Read or Should Read or Need Something To Do When Taking a Dump

The guys over at Green Dads are holding a contest at their other blog, Book Dads, Fathers That Read.  I've mentioned these guys before and they've left comments on my blog.  Brian and Steven are two forty-something gay hottie fathers who have been together over 17 years and are raising their five year old son Darius. (And I didn't add the word "hottie" just because I'm trying to win their contest or anything like that. I'm apalled you would even think such a thing!)

Now before you run away form this post all you SITS out there, this is NOT a gay themed contest.  B & S are giving away two very funny books for guys.  These are books you can give to your hubbys, your grown up sons, your neighbors, and yes, even your gay male friends. (All saucy gals have gay ex-hubbys friends) 

Anyway, the first book is, Men With Balls - The Professional Atheletes Handbook.  A hilarious book for all atheletes and athlete wannabes. The second book is Is It Just Me or Is Everything Shit?  This book is a hilarious attack on all the crap produced from today's modern culture.  First of all, any book with the word "Men" and "Balls" in the title piques my interest. (See, I know big words like piques)  Secondly, I don't want to get into a pissing contest with anyone, but have you seen some of the crap I've produced in this blog? (All right, no more bathroom humor)

But seriously people, these books have ME written all over them.  And since Obama won the election, I've been feeling very bipartisan so I'm letting you all know about the contest by clicking here.  Besides, I get three bonus entries for posting about the contest and hopefully 1,000 more for referring to Brian and Steve as hotties. (Actually, they really are hotties.  Does that get me any more entries?)


Steven at Green Dads said...

"hotties", I haven't heard that in a few years.

Keep it up though. :-)
Might get you an invitation to visit.

Preston said...

Steven - You're just being modest. Fatherhood has a way of doing that to people. Plus EVERYONE knows that two Dads are always hot. (How's that invite lookin?)

TattooedMinivanMom said...

So if you kept make potty references about these books and the books have you written all over them then does that mean you're full of crap?


Have you seen my new sign?

:0 --3

Preston said...

Tattooed Mom - Yes, I have seen your sign. She I be calling you Pink Tattooed Mom? Hmm?