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Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Award and Another Tag

Well just like Morton Salt, when it rains-it pours! I've just received another award from my friend, Queenie Jeannie, over at Jeannie's Happy World.  She's a proud Army wife and a mother of three.  She's got a pinky cute blog and is one of the nicest bloggers to boot.  She received a blog award and switched it with another because she already had that award. She's marvericky like that. (Tina Fey, eat your heart out.)  Anyway, thank you so much for giving me the "I Big Red Puffy Heart Your Blog" award.  Since I'm combining this with a tag I received, I won't pass this award along. Instead, I send out kisses and hugs.

Steven over at Green Dads has hit me with a Four Things Tag Meme.  I don't want this blog to turn into a Meme and Big Awards blog but I think he, Brian, and Darius are such a cute family and I have such respect for them that I can't resist.  So I won't be a whiney queen and I'll do the damn tag. (Hmmm, did that sound too bitchy?)

Here it goes:
Four Jobs That I've Had
  • Gas Station Attendant
  • Customer Service Associate
  • Waiter
  • Trade Show Coordinator
Four Movies I Can Watch Anytime
  • Hello Dolly! (I'm gay. What do you expect?)
  • Any Harry Potter Movie
  • The Notebook
  • Auntie Mame (The Rosalind Russell version. Is there any other?)
Four Places I've Lived
  • Pitman, NJ
  • Hinella, NJ
  • Oaklyn, NJ
  • Santa Ana, CA
Four TV Shows I Love(d)
  • Arrested Development
  • Antiques Roadshow
  • Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Sex and the City
Four Places I've Vacationed
  • Ocean City, NJ
  • Wildwood, NJ
  • Ocean Grove, NJ
  • Las Vegas, NV
Four Novels I Have Enjoyed ReReading (Sorry, only 2)
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Four Websites I Visit Often
  • Entrecard
  • Pogo
  • Nabisco World
  • @!&*CENSORED*&!@ - Mr. Smiley likes to keep his personal world separate from the blogging world, and I'm sure you all appreciate that.
Four Places I'd Like To Be Right Now
  • Brad Pitt's Lap (if that doesn't count as a place, it should)
  • Disney World
  • Southern California
  • In bed snuggling with my two crazy dalmatians
Ok now I am supposed to torture pass this tag on to four bloggers who have to answer these questions and then pass along to four more bloggers and so on and so forth and well, you get the picture.  The only rules (rules? we don't need no stinking rules) are link to the person who gave this to you and link to your four recipients.  So here we go:

Lidian at Kitchen Retro - Because I love all things retro and kitschy and this gal actually has enough energy to keep two blogs running! And not just any old two blogs, two super cool blogs!

Tamicks. Life Through the Eyes of a Young Caribbean Girl - I absolutely adore Tamicks and I love her blog. She's really a pretty smart blog designer and a smartly pretty one, too. So go read it. Go read it now. You'll love it and you might learn something, too!

Gina over at The Clan McLeod - Gina has gone contest crazy over at her blog and it's all fun, fun, fun. She's a wife of a preacher man, she home schools her kids, and she blogs like a crazy fiend. If I ever had to be home schooled, I'd want Gina to be my teacher!
Patricia from Subjective Soup - Patricia is a recently retired teacher who claims to come from a vampire family. (read her There Are Vampires and There Are Vampires post for more vampy information) I'm a big fan of vampires (what gay man isn't?) and I love soup, subjective or bean.

Well there you go, I've awarded and tagged the night away.  I should have been cleaning the house and getting ready for Thanksgiving. Oh well, there's always tomorrow night!


Patricia said...

I didn't think anyone would actually believe all that stuff I said about vampires. Who knew? I'm looking at the list of theatres you have. Does the Ritz Theatre Company put on plays about crackers?

Steven at Green Dads said...

Gas Station Attendant huh?
Do you have one piece coveralls? ;-)

Preston said...

Patricia - I'm one of those silly lemmings that believes everything he reads or sees or is whispered in his ear...anyway, the Ritz Theatre Company only puts on plays about crackers when I'm having tomato soup. (It was originally the Puttin' On The Ritz Theatre Co but they shortened the name.)

Steve - My grandfather owned a gas station in my home town for 45 years. My dad, uncles, and brother all worked there. I pumped gas there for a couple of summers. I even changed tires.

Now I met my first ex, Chip, while he was working at a gas station and I have a picture of me in a one piece overalls barely zippered when I hung around with him one night while he was working. And it was back in the day when I was hot. But no one will ever see that pic because I had a very bad early 80's perm - curly on top, no sides and a mullet. Yes, you'd never noticed the overalls weren't zipped up because your retinas will be burned from looking at that hair. Need I say more?

Lidian said...

Thank you, Preston! I'll get right to it, as soon as I can figure out the custom header thing I am wrestling with...and i think you're cool, too :)

Preston said...

Lidian - Your welcome! And good luch with that custom header!

angie said...

Did you cry everyday when you were a waiter? Or was that just me?

Arrested Development - Thank goodness for Hulu. I'm excited that they're finally going to make the movie.

(Your word verification is crazenia. That made me chuckle a little.)

Preston said...

Angie - I had a love/hate relationship with waitering. It was a second job for me. (I worked 7 days a week for over 5 years) I hated the work but loved the money! It's how I could afford to buy my house.

They are finally making an Arrested Development movie? I hadn't heard. That's totally crazenia!

steenky bee said...

Gas station attendant? Like Naven R. Johnson? Also, Arrested Development? I love, love Tobias!!

Preston said...

Stenky Bee - The gas station was a family business. Arrested Development Rocks!

tamicks said...

Yayyy ... you tagged me!! I'm so flattered. LOL. Now, I promise I will get to it tomorrow. I'm so tired from work today, so I'm going straight to bed for now! BTW you should know that I love your blog too!!

Preston said...

Tamicks - Thanks for the compliments. Get your rest and then you can blog your tag!

Anonymous said...

Over from SITS....did you really eat scrapple for breakfast? Do you know what is in that stuff? hahaha I grew up in Southern California but my hubby's dad is from Philly where scrapple is king. Anyway....I have had the misfortune of having to cook it and eat it (once or twice) and it just really grosses me out. Sorry...I grew up in the land of spinach and sprout omelets!
Love your blog :) Have a great Turkey Day!

Preston said...

Rachael - I adore scrapple. As far as I am concerned, it's the breakfast food of the Gods. I live 10 mins from Philly and yes, I know what is in scrapple, pork and corn meal. Do you know what's in hot dogs? Hmmm? LOL And by-the-way, I would love a spinach and sprout omelet! Enjoy your Turkey Day!

foongpc said...

Oh, I love watching "Everybody Loves Raymond" - too bad the series already ended.

You really like Harry Potter books don't you? : )

Preston said...

Foongpc - I never watched it when it was on the regular channels. I started getting into it during the reruns! And I loved the Harry Potter books and the movies as well!

heathersister said...

Well, did you see Twilight yet? Better hurry, I have seen it three times. Loved it!

Thanks for visiting my saucy blog.

Preston said...

Heathersister - I haven't seen twilight yet but I will get there. Thanks for stopping by and happy Turkey Day!

mongoliangirl said...

I am loving this one. And you KNOW I'm one who feels tortured by memes. Ugh! I couldn't even bring myself to turn to page 56 in a book. OK...I DID turn to page 56 in a book but couldn't bring myself to blog about it. One way or the other...I like this. Thanks Preston!
Now, go get your blond wig on! I'm firing up the chainsaw!

Preston said...

Mongoliangirl - Glad you love this one even if you couldn't blog about it. The wig is on and can you shake a martini with a chainsaw?

Denise said...

You never saw Everybody Loves Raymond except for syndication-- I never saw Sex and the City! Am I the only woman in America who never saw it when it was in its prime? I quickly got caught up on On Demand.

Dropping by from SITS-- fun blog!

Preston said...

Denise - That is so funny! Loved Sex and the City. Glad you caught up on it on demand. LOL

tamicks said...

Yay ... I finally did it! Check out my answers here:

Preston said...

Tamicks - I read them! Thanks for posting. Everyone go read the responses!