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Monday, January 19, 2009

No Super Bowl for Philly but I Say, "Thank You, Eagles" for One Heck of a Try

Yesterday the Eagles almost made it to the Super Bowl. While some people may say this is indicative of what we have come to expect from this team, I beg to disagree. Yes, early on in the season the Eagles seemed to fall apart at the seams. McNabb looked like he forgot how to throw the ball while the offensive and defensive teams both seemed to have forgotten why they were on the field.

But the Eagles have a funny habit of pulling miracles out of thin air. McNabb finally seemed to be able to identify his receivers, the receivers were making the catches, and the offensive team got it together. We rediscovered our running game and marched down the field time and time again. And to top it all off, the defensive team was keeping our rivals deep in their own territory.

And then, there was yesterday’s game. By the end of the half, it seemed like the Eagles were going down faster than Lindsay Lohan after four fuzzy navels. The Cardinals seemed unstoppable what with number 11, Fitzgerald, lumbering down the field, snatching catches high in the air, and tossing off Eagles players like they were the Queen of Hearts’ deck of cards soldiers. (This man makes Paul Bunyon look small and timid.) The Eagles, on the other hand, could do no right. Dream kicker David Ackers broke his winning streak and even missed an extra point. Worse than that, McNabb couldn’t decide whether it was better to throw the ball behind the receiver or six inches out of his reach.

And then came the second half and all that changed. The Eagles finally found their game and McNabb his receivers. This was the team we had seen and loved these past few weeks. Before we knew it, it was 24-25 Eagles. Unfortunately, and with just a few minutes left in the game, the Cardinals decided to show the Eagles what it really takes to get to the Super Bowl. Charging down the field and making sure they ate up the clock, the Cardinals scored a touchdown and a two point conversion. With just seconds left, instead of going for the big “bomb,” the Eagles decided to play a game of hot potato as if to say, “Ok, we lost. We’re just being silly right now.”

Some may say that there is no joy in Philly. The mighty Eagles have struck out. But I say different. I say thank you, Eagles, for a thrilling season. Every Sunday, I have plopped my butt down on Scott and Sean’s cushy sofa in front of their 47” screen TV, and along with the best buddies a guy could have, we have screamed and hollered, laughed and cried, and cheered and high-fived our way through the Eagles’ season. The Eagles took us from what looked like a dead end run to the brink of the Super Bowl and gave us all the thrills and excitement that only a series like that could give. They may not have made it to the Super Bowl but they sure did provide some super nail biting excitement along the way there.

And you know what? The Super Bowl isn’t even here and I can’t wait for next season. So save me a spot and a cold beer guys, you know I’ll be there.

As a little side note, congratulations to my buddy, Mystery Man, over at Rants, Thoughts, and Other Things as his beloved Steelers are going to the Super Bowl. I watched that game and thought of you, rooting the Steelers on. While it would have been fun to see the Eagles and Steelers go head-to-head, I’ll settle for watching the Steelers trounce the Cardinals.


LORENZO said...

Fly Eagles Fly! I agree, they truly did overachieve this year. I told all my NY friends up here that the Super Bowl for me was the Cowboys game! Then they knocked out the overrated and lucky Giants! Another great moment. I was dreaming of a PA Superbowl. Also the idea of Phillies/Eagles in the same year was tantalizing! It's all good.

Rachael said...

My youngest son is just devastated about this! If his beloved Redskins couldn't go to the Super Bowl...then the next best thing would have been the Eagles!

He woke up this morning and said he forgot that they lost and when he remembered he was sad all over again :(

It was a great game though, wasn't it???

heathersister said...

Sorry, don't pay much attention to football except those tight butts in tight pants. And those arms. OH, sorry. I didn't even see the score.

However, I did see that mean number 25 on the Steelers team hurt that big man when he head butted him. I hope that guy is OK. I don't like the Steelers.

jewelstreet said...

Four fuzzy navels. lol! I'm glad you enjoyed the season, but I'm sorry the season couldn't have continued. The Ravens didn't make it either. I'm happy for the Steelers, but seriously, they are beginning to be like the Yankees in baseball.

Julie said...

That was a pretty good game...first time I've been into football in years. There's always next year :)

Preston said...

Lorenzo - Yes, we were all hoping for a Super Bowl win to go along with the World Series win but it was not to be.

Rachael - Tell your son that there is always next year. And devastating as it was, it sure was an exciting, nail biting game.

heathersister - It's ok. I figure there would be plenty SITS out there not interested in football. Just so you know, head butts and injuries are all part of the game.

Jewelstreet - You liked my little dig on Lindsay, eh? LOL Even though the Eagles are out, I'm looking forward to the Super Bowl game!

Christine said...

As a North NJ girl, I myself was disappointed big time by the Giants, but what can you do?

This year's Super Bowl should still make for good viewing. Again, as a Jersey girl, I'll be tuning in for the Bruce half-time show :)

The Blonde Duck said...

I like the food at the Superbowl. :)

Jerrie said...

What a positive attitude from a devoted fan! Lovely to see. My 13-year-old is a devoted Eagles fan (we live, he was born and raised in Washington state - Seahawk country), yet he has loved his Eagles forever! He said, "Well they gave it the best shot. We always have next year." I love it when the fans don't make it life and death.

Way to go Eagles! See ya next year!

Preston said...

Christine - Giants? It just goes to show how far apart North and South Jersey really are. But you're right, it's still gonna be a great bowl and Bruce at half-time is a good consolation prize.

The Blonde Duck - Spoken like a true :)

Jerrie - Thanks. There are plenty of Eagles fans who gave up on them and then suddenly became "ardent" fans again when they were winning. I'm with them, win or lose. You son's got the right attitude, too!

WheresMyAngels said...


Hee Hee, couldn't help it. I'm not a sports person and thankfully, neither is my husband.

Preston said...

Wheremyangels - Damn girl, that was one big yawn. I'm not a big sports fan myself but love watching the home team play.

Mystery Man said...

wish i could say i was 100% confident that the Steelers would win, but I know how lopsided these games can get, but in a couple weeks I'll be parked in front of the tube watching the game (and getting the evil eye from the little woman all day) lol

thanks for the shameless plug, btw...haha

Preston said...

Mystery Man - Hey, we'll all be parked in front of the tv but no evil eyes for me. And I'm always glad to give out a little shameless plug.