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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blog Suffers - Blogger Posts Lame Excuses

It's almost me except I've been smoke-free for 7 months now!

I have been so busy between work (where I am preparing for the BIG trade show that occurs every two years and is happening Feb 5 - 7 in Orlando) and rehearsals/line memorization for Measure For Measure which opens Feb 13th! In addition to all that going on, I simply can't be doing personal stuff on the internet during work hours.

With all this going on, I feel like my blog is suffering. I barely have enough time in the morning before work starts to visit SITS and then visit the feature blogger. I am walking around the warehouse for 30 minutes with Erin (Laughs and Rants from my Inner Child) and sometimes Linda and/or coworker Kim during my lunch hour. It's part of my eating right and being healthy routine for the new year. (I've lost 12 pounds since I started it.) Anyway, after that and I eat, I barely have time to check for comments and respond to them before lunch time is over.

In the evening, I've got to study my lines so I am ready when this show opens. I had rehearsal tonight so I decided to jump on the pc, answer some post comments, and pop out a post when I got home. Besides my blog suffering, I don't have the time I would like to have to visit other blogs. I feel guilty because I've won contests, been sent gifts, and recieved awards that I have barely acknowledged. That's just not me.

And while I really want to blog about something clever or witty, this is what is buzzing around in my head so this is what I am writing about. Be patient and don't hate me if I missed an award or didn't post about something that I won or was given. Plus when I get back from Orlando on the 8th, I will be in tech week for my show. Don't plan to see anything from me from the 9th through the 13th. I promise once the show starts, I'll be back on track and spending time visiting all you bloggers who visit me. Just hang in there till then.


Ken @ Dad to Two said...

Don't worry about it. We all have those times when we get too busy to get everything done. It's just not possible sometimes to do everything that needs to be done in these measly 24 hour days. I say we demand longer days. Think we can put in a request from President Obama?

Mystery Man said...

It's no big. I can't speak for veryone, but I know that I understand. We all get busy at some point or another. Congrats on the 12 lbs, though. Keep it up!

Kathy at The Junk Drawer said...

Don't worry -- we'll wait! I had a crazy week myself and only yesterday got a post up after a 5 day absence, which bugged me. But, hey. We have lives outside our blogs.

Good luck with the show and see you on the flipside!

Preston said...

Ken - Boy a 26 hour day sure looks good to me. LOL

Mystery Man - Thanks for the encouragement.

Kathy - I know. And I keep telling myself that that is more to your life than your blog but I still feel guilty, especially about not getting to visit all the blogs I really enjoy reading.

Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

I live like 20 min from the convention center!
What kinda trade show??

Steven said...

Hey Preston,
Don't sweat it! Blog when your ready. We'll be here waiting. :)

Preston said...

Erin, nick and merrick - Food service. It's the NAFEM show.

Steven - Thanks but I'll sneak on as much as I can too.

Christine said...

Smoke free for 7 months? Congrats!! I'm about ready to take the plunge in that direction but having a little difficulty in the will-power department.

Good luck with everything. Looking forward to future posts.

Mystery Man said...

anytime, my when do i get that coat? lol

Preston said...

Christine - Smoke free and proud of it but I do crave a smoke every now and then.

Mystery Man - Coat?

Mystery Man said...

i joked about getting it from you from one of your earlier posts...i think it was a coat...oh

Laura said...

It seems like everyone is busy! Good luck with your travels! I have given you an award. Please come to my site to retrieve it.

Dave said...

Bah, you and me both. Since I've chained myself to the treadmill each night for a few miles I definitely don't have much time for anything afterwards, save for drinking water and relaxing! Both of my blogs are definitely suffering as a result.

But alas, once something profound hits me then I will post it. It's just been a while since something has...!

WheresMyAngels said...

So, what your saying is that your too busy to blog and read? I so know that feeling! Been there and am there!

I have negleted SITS for over a month, I just can't keep up.

Preston said...

Mystery man - Sometimes things zoom right over my heard.

Laura - I promise to check out the award eventually. I really will.

Dave - Please don't do a George Jetson on the treadmill!

Wheremyangels - I hate being too busy to blog, answer comments, or read other blogs.