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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You're Appreciated - Blogging is a Many Splendored Thing!

Welcome to another installment of You're Appreciated, where I feature three blogs that I feel you're gonna love...or at least like...or at least visit cause I told you to and you trust my judgement explicitly. Anywho, I'm up to over 170 favorite blogs so this is my way of getting the word out. God love a blog!

Plain Ole Mike is a humor blog penned by Mike. (Who else?) Here you can find "all the world's inanity and insanity as seen through one pair of lopsided goggles." I love this guy's writing style. His stories are like an hysterical runaway train, starting with one idea and then blazing through dozens more like a bolt of lightening. He makes Six Degress of Kevin Bacon look as short as a list of words that rhyme with orange. If you think my posts are long, Mike takes it to a whole 'nother level. He has the talent of turning the most mundane, every-day events into wildly hilarious adventures. For a shorter read, check out his post Nothing Says True Love Like Mayonnaise and Bacon. Trust me, it's worth checking out "The Miker Side of Life."

I absolutely love The Get Smart Blog. This blog is run by Bridget Ayers who claims to be "just a girl that likes tech, Internet, and social media stuff." I'm all for a gal who can admit to loving
"stuff." Seriously, this blog is totally smart -- from its smart design to its smart writing. And I totally adore its uber-smart, uber-sexy, and oh-so uber-60's James bond style blog header. If you wanna check out her smart response to my smart comment regarding one of her reader's not-so-smart comment that included the word "fags", check it out here. So do what I did. Get smart and go visit The Get Smart Blog.

Thru Chocolate Eyes is penned by Rioholly who, in my book, is a true poet's poet. And yes, this is a poetry blog so get over it! Rioholly describes her blog as "Dancing words: poetry and other blissful language persuits, embraced by pictures." Her words strike a true chord with me. Her use of images, both photographic and word placement, evoked emotions in me that I haven't felt since I first started writing poetry over 35 years ago. You can even select your own mood music to listen to while you peruse her writing/images gallery. Now go brew yourself a nice cup of herbal tea, settle down in your favorite yoga position on a big cushy pillow, call up her blog on your pc or laptop, and start looking at the world Thru Chocolate Eyes.


PlainOleMike said...

Wow!!! It's like being famous, only without the paparazzi, the money, or a baby with a weird name. In response to this un-award I will happily name my first born child Tafetamcsmartypantsalamodeapplesauce. Let's see you find a keychain for that kid.

Seriously, I should hire you to do PR. That was a better write up than I could have possibly given myself. Thanks.

GetSmartGal said...

Preston, thank you for the is always nice to know that someone, somewhere likes you!! :D

I am also glad that the entrecard post has helped you increase traffic. Yay!!

I haven't posted yet today and now you have given me reason to, I will of course be acknowledging your wonderful compliment. I will also check out the other blogs you list they sound interesting..

Take Care,


Preston said...

Mike, I'm glad to give credit where it's due; however,wouldn't it be easier to name the kid Slarf? You still wouldn't find a keychain but it would make it easier to fake one.

Bridget, every time I visit your blog I feel like agent 99 except I look more like Don Adams! I'm glad I gave you a reason to post and Entrecard seems to have been a very smart move for me.