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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Wacky World of Wacky Packages or My Obsession with Collecting

When I was in my early teens, I use to love collecting Wacky Packages. I had tons of them. I spent every cent I had on those things, and not for the gum either. I absolutely loved the goofy product parodies. Whether it was Crust toothpaste or Chock Full of Nuts & Bolts, I couldn't get enough. In fact, my favorite was Mrs. Klean whose slogan was “Will wipe up the floor with Mr. Klean if she can find him.” It still cracks me up.

I stuck them all over the place, whether it was a notebook or a cabinet door. I had an olive green alarm clock (can we say ugly early 70's appliance colors?) that was plastered with Wacky Packages stickers. But no matter how many stickers I actually used, I made sure that I had at least one in unused, pristine condition. Even at the early age of 12 I knew the value of original packaging and near-perfect condition.

Unfortunately, I moved out at 18 and went to California, leaving my beloved Wacky Packages behind, along with my perfectly kept hotwheels and matchboxes AND my ultra pristine early '60's GI Joes complete with bayonet rifles, hand grenades, motorcycle with sidecar, and carrying case. These weren't the little GI Joes of today. No, these were man-size GI Joes. The unfortunate part is that my mother had a yard sale shortly after I moved out, sold all the stuff I saved, and moved to Florida. As far as she was concerned, it was all junk.

I can only imagine what that stuff would be worth today, but hey, it was my fault because I left it all behind. And I didn't stop collecting either. I have over 250 beanie babies in my basement, 100's of coffee mugs in the attic, and a wall display of shot glasses. My current fascination is with 50's and 60's bar & glass ware. I love the atomic, Eames era with it's kitschy amoeba and boomerang designs.

I am currently working on a new blog called Atomic Kitsch. It should be ready by the end of next week. I am going to showcase all that barware I've been collecting as well as anything Kitschy that I come across. I'll announce the "grand opening" on my blog when I launch my first post. It's just my "tip of the hat" to the wacky world of 60's kitsch and obsessive collecting!


Nancy Ellyn said...

Cute blog. I love collecting stuff, too. About packaging, my hubby always laughs at what I am attracted to. If the packaging is appealing, I usually don't even care what's inside! LOL

foongpc said...

I think I partly agree with your mom. You are a junk collector! LOL. Well, everyone has their weird hobbies, and I guess this is your hobby : )

Dave said...

Your story sounds a lot like mine. My brother and I covered out bedroom door with Wacky Packages when we were kids! It was pretty cool and still remember quite a few: Siesta crackers, Ex-Con oil, etc. We loved those things.

I also had tons of Hot Wheels that I literally threw in the trash when I thought I was too old for them. Those included some that my cousin gifted to me when he outgrew them because I used to play with them all the time when we'd visit. I still kick myself knowing I just tossed them all in the dumpster.

Fortunately, I started (casually) collecting them again in the early 90s and now have some cool ones for my son. But his/our current obsession is not with Hot Wheels but Corgi's current line of Beatles cars. (Note: they are only $9.99 at Target!)

I also had a handful of Star Wars figures that a friend borrowed and his sister mysteriously "lost." But I'm slowly making up for that.

And not only did we have the original GI Joes, we had Major Matt Mason figures, too!

Looking forward to the new blog. Make sure you have time for both. I hear that having two can be a little demanding :)

Matt said...

Those are great....I checked out the new blog, but nothing yet. I'll check back.