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Monday, October 6, 2008

Smells to Reminisce By...

I decided to watch a scary movie tonight called The Cave. It's all about these people who go exploring in a cave that's beneath a old, destroyed church on a deserted mountainside. Of course, they come across a host of freaky creatures that have been locked up for centuries in an unchange ecosystem. It was somewhat predictable but it had its scary moments mostly due to the tense tone of the music and the clostrophobic scenes inside the cave and underwater. But I enjoyed it anyway.

Now you might be wondering what that has to do with the title of this post. I'm sure it was pretty dank smelling in that cave but that's not the smell to which I'm referring. Halfway through the movie, I decided to wash my sheets and bedspread.

We have a great front-loading washer and dryer that we recently purchased with the assistance of my mother and Sears scratch and dent. They do an awesome job of cleaning clothes. When I pulled the sheets and spread out of the dryer, they had that "just freshly dried in the sunny breeze" smell that dryer sheet commercials always elude to. They were still slightly warm and there is something to be said about the warm, crisp smell of clean cotton.

Anyway, it took me back to a time when I was young for just a moment. I remembered my mother doing laundry and helping her fold the sheets. I was always lousy at it because I kept getting wrapped up in them, to her dismay. But I couldn't help myself because I loved that fresh out-of-the-dryer smell. Isn't it funny that a warm touch and a simple smell can transport a person back to memories long forgotten? I can't wait to jump into bed tonight and snuggle up in my sweet smelling sheets!

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Kim Salesky said...

Thanks for the comment and your kind words, Preston! Much appreciated! I added you to my blog list as well and I love the topics you write about. They're quite unique, especially the potato chip post. I have to admit, I'd probably eat the seaweed chips. That's just the weirdo in me. Hopefully I'll get rid of this horrid cold and be back at good ol' FMP tomorrow.

PS - I give you major props for getting through The Cave. I think 15 minutes was my stopping point, ha ha.