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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Before we get started, I just want to let everyone know that I'm going to a Halloween party tonight with Sean and Amy and will be getting home very late. Then on Saturday it's off to Cape May with my friend Bob and his two Irish Setters. (The dalmatians do not play well and must stay home) Anywhoo, this means I will be doing very little Entrecard dropping so I apologize in advance to all my Entrecard faithful droppers. Now on to the festivities!

We love Halloween at home and at my work. The above pumpkin was carved by my daughter and her boyfriend, Aaron. Pretty nice job, eh?

Mr. Pimp aka Mr. Blue Skies (Yup, that's me)

Mr. Pimp and 80's Vampire Bride (Donna, our Administrative Assistant)

We have a sales contest currently running that is a take on the game Clue where salespeople can win by figuring out who did it, where, and with what weapon. The murder victim was Janice, our Human Resources Manager. Here is Erin (Laughs and Rants from my Inner Child) and Justine (Asst. Marketing Manager) taking Janice's body to the morgue.

Janice's toe tag. The feet actually belong to Andy, who I think is a size 23. He begrudgingly agreed to have his toenails painted by his more than accommodating wife. He left shortly after this to go to the Phillies parade and we warned him NOT to take his shoes off under any circumstances.

This is Carol Adams. She came as the Old Bat. I had to show the back and front of this. It was so much funnier in person, especially if you know Carol, which you don't. (But I won't hold that against you)

Kim (Trapped in a Comma) as the Mad Hatter

Karl, our Publications Coordinator recently had surgery on his eye and was out for a whole month. So of course he came as Dr. I Ball. He even gave out eyeball gum balls. Sick, aren't we?

Jim (also from Publications) as Friday the 13th: Part 133

I felt bad for all you people who wanted to know what I looked like when I was in the Miss Cooper River Contest. I don't have those pics but here I am a few years back on Halloween as a Brides Maid. And yes, I shaved my chest. I forgotten how horribly itchy that can be and trust me, I won't be doing that again. My friends said I looked like Barbie Benton the day after a night of Binge Drinking. Happy Halloween Everyone!


JD at I Do Things said...

LOVE all the pix, especially "Mr. Pimp." I wish I'd taken pictures of some of my past costumes. I haven't dressed up in ages.

Happy Halloween!

JD at I Do Things

Preston said...

JD - Thanks. I have fun being Mr. Pimp. (Actually they said I looked like Elvis the Pimp) Girl, dressing up could be another post... I dress up for Halloween so u don't have to... You could do a million of those.

Babette said...

You are beautiful! I like you as a Bridesmaid than a pimp. LOL Your office Halloween celebration looks like a blast. I love the Jack o'Lantern, where did they get the stencil for it?

Anonymous said...

Hey there big pimpin blue skies dude!

So Halloween is national f*ck around day at your work then?

Preston said...

Babette - Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Boo-Hoo LMFAO... I am not sure where they got the stencil, but the pumpkin sure turned out great didn't it?

Tattooed Mom - That's me, the BIG PIMP. Ha!Ha! Our work gives everyone a big bag of candy and we have a costume and pumpkin contest. I won two movie tickets for Funniest Costume.. and believe it or not, we do manage to do a little work.

Lilly's Life said...

Looks like loads of fun. Great pictures and thats some pumpkin your daughter and her boyfriend carved!

Preston said...

Lily - Thanks, we did have a great time. And I think that pumpkin was the best one they've done so far.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

WOW, looks like the place where you work goes all out for a Halloween party. Hope you had a nice week-end.

Preston said...

Old Lady Lincoln - They sure do. We've been doing this kind of thing every year that I've been there and I started working there in 1984! Yup, I'm THTA old. Haha!

tamicks said...

Wow ... love all the pics, but the eyeball scared me the most! We don't really celebrate Halloween in Saint Lucia, so my weekend was sorta quiet! Hope u enjoyed the rest of your weekend!

Preston said...

Tamicks - Yea, the eyeball was kinda scary. :) I had a super nice weekend with the party Friday night and going to the shore on Saturday...but I had a nice relaxing Sunday!

Morten Pedersen said...

What a great costume for Halloween.

Preston said...

Morten Pedersen - Why thank you. It's not as impressive as your gingerbread fortress but not too bad for Halloween, huh? Thanks for checking out my blog!