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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Seagull in the night,
flying towards your destiny
of black and white,
must you fly alone
and yet at night
when all those of your flock
are together
on the beaches,
waiting for a
brilliant burst
of sun
to rise from the
like a mighty underwater
grasping skyward?
Yet you --
you seem not to care.
You fly on,
a tiny, silhouetted
shooting star
caressing the darkened sky
with the glowing shine
the misty moon
lusters your wings with.
Fly on, my friend!
Do not look back
nor below
at the silvery road
the languid moon
has paved for you.
Just fly
where your wings
will reach.
The night
and the moon
willl follow you,
for the moon is
the night is
and only those who search
will find--
--fly on!

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