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Friday, December 5, 2008

Times May Be Hard But You CAN Still Give - See How Here

As a member of The Secret is in the Sauce, I try to visit as many other “SITS’ members as I can.  One member I stumbled across was Aimee over at Jewel Street Designs.  While I was perusing her line of modern, classic jewelry, I came across a post about giving to cancer patients during the holiday season.

Now I know what you’re thinking.  During the holiday season, EVERYONE has their hand out.  And with times being as hard as they are, more people are in need and less people are able to help out.  I’m sure each of those needy people/organizations deserve assistance, but we all can’t help everyone and in some cases, we can’t even afford to help ourselves, let alone someone else.  But this program is unique.

Unique?  How?  Because you don’t have to spend a dime, unless you want to.  Let me give you a little background information first.  Meaghan over at I Kicked Cancer’s Ass and The Bean decided to put together a program to bring a little joy to cancer patients during the holiday season.  It’s very simple.  She supplies you a name and you supply the love.

You may be wondering how you can send someone something as intangible as “love.”  It’s easier than you think.  Don’t have any money? That’s not a problem.  Have kids? (I know most of you SITStas out there have kids a-plenty.) Ask them to draw pictures, get well cards, and Christmas scenes to send to your recipient. Nothing is more heartwarming than a hand drawn picture from a child.  Are you crafty?  Perhaps you make jewelry, hats, or magnets.  Whatever you do make, I bet you have leftover samples you could give or extra materials that you could use to make a special gift, all at little or not cost to you.

To participate, follow the instructions on Meaghan’s site or simply email her at  I’ve already done so and my recipient is a woman who has recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer.  With the help from my friend Linda (who works at Barnes & Nobles), I was able to purchase an inspirational book and a beautiful journal for about $20.  What you choose to do is up to you, but please make sure you choose to participate.

I know this is getting long but last October I was going through a horrible personal crisis that consumed my whole life.  At the same time this was occurring to me, my Stepfather (Al) had a debilitating stroke that devastated my mother.  We were also riding on the coattails of the sudden death of a beloved Aunt and the subsequent death of her husband from Altzheimer’s.  My biological father had stopped talking to me and my relationship with my sister was strained at best.  I didn’t think life could get any worse until just a few days after my tragedy and Al’s stroke, the doctor told Heather (my daughter) that she might have breast cancer.

At 27 years old, she never gave a second thought about breast cancer.  No one in our family ever had it. With one little announcement, every other problem seemed so unimportant except for Al’s rehabilitation.  Heather had no insurance and we embarked upon a very long and tiring journey through the world of charity care and breast cancer.  To make a long story short (I know, too late), they took a small chunk of her left breast and she is cancer free.  But what I remember most during that very difficult time was the kindness, caring, and generosity of others.  And that helped make the journey easier--somewhat bearable. If I can do the same for someone else, damn it, I’m gonna.  And I know you can too.


Meaghan said...

Wow this is an amazing post! Thank you so much, I couldn't have said it better myself!! I'm so sorry you have had such a difficult journey, but I can honestly say you have come through with such insight!

I am so excited that you emailed me and that you got on board so quickly. The woman you have been matched up with is so amazing. I got her email just last week and she was beyond terrified facing chemo and radiation. Her email to me made some terrible memories rush back. It sounds like you know exactly how it feels to hear the diagnosis of Cancer!

Now I am getting emails from her telling me about other people she has met who need support. She just completed her first week of chemo/radiation and she is already trying to help others, how amazing!

I am so happy to hear your daughter is healthy. No one should have to go through cancer, no one! Its scary, painful and frustrating. Thank you so much for being such a great dad and extending your warm heart to someone you don't even know!

Thank you so much!

Preston said...

Meaghan - You are so welcome. I just love the idea that anyone can participate, even if you don't have any money. I know that money helps but sometimes you want to give but you simply can't afford to. You've given people the opportunity to give who might not be able to do so otherwise. It's such a great idea. I'm behind you 100%!

Mrs. S said...

thanks for stopping by yesterday! I appreciate all the kind comments.

sandy said...

Thank you for this enlightening post. I am flat broke. But I love to give. If I only have a dime left in my pocket and someone needs it, it's theirs. I would love to have my little ones make some cards to send. They love doing this and it will help me to teach them how good it feels to make someone smile. I know how important those little things can be sometimes. I'll will check it out for sure:)

Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

Going to sign up now......great idea. My mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer about 8 years ago- was terrible.
All is better now, thank goodness.
Again, great idea!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Wow, what a great idea and wonderful post. You and I are clearly on the same wavelength. I have a post up today about giving too. And a giveaway to boot!

Preston said...

Mrs S - I was happy to stop by. I hope you will be able to participate in Meaghan's program.

Sandy - That's the beauty of this program -- you don't have to spend a dime. Just have your kids make some cards and pictures and mail them to the recipient. I sure hope you do this.

Erin, Nick and Merrick - Good for you. You are going to make someone's holiday a little brighter. And I'm glad to hear that your mother is all better.

Renee - Yea, it's kind of scary. But I'm sure glad we found each other. It's always nice to have someone around who's on the same wavelength. I'll definitely check out your post and giveaway!

jewelstreet said...

Wow, Preston! Well done! You said it so much better than I ever could.

I'm so glad you decided to help out. I know your recepient is going to love the journal.

You are such a wonderful SITS member! I'm also glad to hear your daughter is well. Thanks so much for helping with Meaghan's program.

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my - what a kick in the behind... I want to help now... going right now to see if I can get someone to LOVE on during the Holidays...

And you know what - when you give to someone in need of love -you feel the love back two fold!!

So glad to hear your daughter is cancer-free now... I know that had to be scary!!!

Gabby said...

Preston - hi from SITS. What a great post. I'm glad your daughter is okay! I'm going to sign uo now.

Preston said...

Jewelstreet - If it wasn't for your post, I wouldn't even know about the program. I was thrilled to help out and I hope it drives more people to participate in Meaghan's program. Thanks for the kind thoughts about my duaghter.

Rebecca Jo - Nothing like a good kick in the butt to get people motivated! I am so glad you are participating. Go spread the lovin'! And yes, the cancer scare was scary and we're thrilled she's cancer free.

Gabby - I love you SITS gals. Thanks for stopping by and the kind words about my daughter. I'm tickled pink that your signing up to send out some lovin'!

Elaine said...

GOsh Preston there is so much more to you. Granted I know people on the blog sites are real, but when you pour your heart and really tell people what you've gone through it shows so much more. Thanks for sharing, I will be taking a closer look at the "giving of love" when my kids aren't hungry and begging me to tear away from the computer! :) Bless you!

Preston said...

Elaine - I'm sure everyone has a hidden story behind their blog. I'm glad my sharing helped and I hope you can participate and share a little love. I'm sure those hungry kids of yours could make some beautiful cards and pictures to send to someone.

Babette said...

Preston, I'm glad that Heather is now cancer-free. I hope this coming year will bring good things for you and your family.

Preston said...

Babette - Thanks for the kind words. I have a feeling it's going to be a good year...I just gotta keep believing it.

The Muse said...

Merry Christmas to you! :)

Preston said...

The Muse - And a Merry Christmas to you too!