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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blatant Plug for the Keurig Platinum Brewer

I'm in love with the Keuring Paltinum Brewer and I haven't even used it. You see, I adore coffee. I absolutely love the stuff, but it doesn't always love me--at least the high-caffeine stuff hates me. I have high blood pressure so I am supposed to drink decaffeinated coffee. What I usually do is mix some decaf with some regular coffee which gives me a reduced caffeine coffee. I get a little of the buzz with less of an impact on my blood pressure.

The other problem I have is that I don't drink as much of it (in one sitting) as I used to. So instead of using one of those big Mr. Coffee-style coffee makers that makes way too much coffee, I use a French Press. French Presses make wonderful coffee, treating coffee like it should be: Slowly steeped in super hot water releasing all the natural flavors. Unfortunately, this process takes some time. You first have to boil the water, then you pour it over the coffee in the press. You give it a good stir and then wait an additional 5 - 6 minutes for the coffee to steep. I usually don't have that kind of time or ambition early in the morning.

BUT with this fabulous one-cup coffee maker from Kuerig, I can make myself one cup of tasty coffee in the morning before I go to work. Just the thought of being able to have a cup of coffee every day before I leave for work is getting me all goose-bumpy. It would be a dream come true and unfortunately, that's what it is right now: Just a dream. BUT thanks to the gals at SITS, my dream may become a reality!

I know you've heard me talk about SITS before. SITS stands for Secret is in the Sauce. It's a group of blogger women (and gay ol' me) who are committed to blog and comment support. If you are not a member, you should be. To sign up, visit them here. And don't worry if you're a guy. Just tell them Preston sent you and you want to be a BITS. (Brother in the Sauce) In all seriousness, my readership has gone through the roof since joining SITS.

Aside from all that comment lovin', they also run a monthly contest where you can win fabulous prizes-prizes even a guy wants. This month's prize is (can you guess?) a Keurig Platinum Brewer! And gosh, darn it! I wanna win it. For more information regarding the contest details, simply click on the following link: Preston Should Win The Keurig Platinum Brewer

A special thanks to Tiffany and Heather who really do a bang up job with keeping the SITS blog rolling along full steam. And don't think I'm just brown-nosing it for the coffee maker cause the winner is randomly picked. So there!


sandy said...

I really want that prize! But, if I can't have it, then you should!

Happy New Year Preston!

Heather said...

I totally do *not* want this prize, as a non-coffee drinker. Even with being married to an occasional coffee-drinker, all the fancy-shmancy one-cup coffee brewers I've gotten him over the years have collected dust 'til he sells them on Craigslist or in a garage sale, so there's just no point to me attempting to win this.

Earlier in the summer, I had some serious winning mojo going on with SITS giveaways - won back-to-back prizes including a spiffy digital camera. So, dear Preston, I hereby officially bequeath my jar o' winning mojo to YOU so that you can win this coffee brewer contraption!! I hope it helps! :D

Cheers and HAPPY NEW YEAR to my favorite BITS! (Um, okay, *only* BITS, but you're still my favorite anyway. Well, unless George Clooney or Hugh Jackman or Alan Rickman joined up. Then I'd have to reconsider, but I don't really see any of them blogging..... ;) )

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Preston should win this!!!

I have a similar one made by Cuisinart and I LOVE it!!

Good luck!

Happy New Year, Preston!

Rebecca said...

OK, If you win it is because you are a butt kisser to Heather and Tiffany! LMAO! Seriously, This post was the best one I have seen for the coffee maker! Good Job! If it was a "good post" contest for it you would surely win!
Happy New Year Preston! MUAH!

Preston said...

Sandy - You got it. If I don't win it, you should and vice versa. I like that kind of thinking! Happy New Year to you too!

Heather - Well that's at least one SITS not entering this contest. I can't thank you enough for passing on your jar o' winning mojo to me. I am soooo excited. I promise to take very good care of it and only open it at during crucial blog contest moments. And yes, I'd go for Clooney, Jackman, and/or Rickman myself although Alan has been looking a little haggard lately.

Keeper of the Skies Wife - Yay! I love you and not just because you say I should win this. (although that helped) Happy New Year to you and yours!

Rebecca - Hey, butt kissing only goes so far and it goes practically no where when it runs up against a random winner generator. (But it sure can't hurt either.) Glad you liked my post. Have a happy New Year!

heathersister said...

Well, good luck to you dude, but it's mine, all mine. Wahhaha!!

jewelstreet said...

Nope. You're going to have to fight me for this one. :) I even did an ode to coffee last month.

Seriously though, if I can't win, I hope you do.

Dave said...

I bought my wife the same one last Christmas and she loves it! It would be even better if I used it but I don't drink coffee :)

In any case, I hope it's yours!

Jerrie said...

Nice post! Good luck! I am a french-press girl myself...Can't just have one cup (EVER)...oh I hope I can always drink coffee - it is the most perfect beverage!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Preston,

happy holidays to you.

You have been tagged over at AWOP : )

Did you get that t-shirt yet?


SolitaireMare said...

My husband brought one of these Keurig one-cup brewers home just before Christmas and was raving about it. We were like two kids in a candy store trying out the sample K-cups that came with it! I hope you get your wish and trust me, it's really as cool as you thnk it is! Happy New Year!

Preston said...

Heathersister - Well good luck to you too!

Jewelstreet - So, how are we going to fight for this? Onesies? Arm Wrestle? Mud Wrestle? Who looks best in 4" stilletos? Hmmm, hopefully one of us will get it.

Dave - Glad your wife loves it and I've got my fingers crossed.

Jerrie - I've got coffee steeping in a french press as I type this. Mmmmmm. Even if I won this machine, I'd still use the french press on the weekends.

A Progressive Girl - Hey, happy holidays to you too. No, I haven't gotten the t-shirt yet. I suspect it should be any day yet. I will scoot on over to your site in a little bit to check out my tag.

Salitaremare - Your husband is a good guy. It sounds like fun, trying out the different coffees. I sure will enjoy it IF I win it. :) Happy New Year!

Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

I know- this looks awesome.
It would be perfect for my classroom, or your kitchen ; )

Preston said...

Erin, nick and merrick - I agree, perfect in both places. :) Good luck!

Steven @ Green Dads said...

Gook Luck and Happy New Year!

Preston said...

Steven - Thanks for stopping by. I wish you guys the very same!

Anne said...

I don't know SITS, but I totally think you should win. Good luck!

Preston said...

Anne - Thanks. I think I deserve it too. LOL If you don't know what SITS is, you should check out the link. You would make a great member!

Jaina said...

I've heard a lot about those lately. Too bad I don't drink coffee, they seem pretty cool.

Preston said...

Jaina - They are pretty cool and you can use them to make tea and hot chocolate too!

Mommy Dear said...

Good luck, Preston! I'm new at SITS, found your blog, don't drink coffee, and wish the coffee maker to be bestowed upon you. Cheers!

Preston said...

Mommy Dear - Thank you so much for your support! Stop by anytime.