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Monday, August 25, 2008

Brunch at The Tortilla Press in Collingswood, NJ is a Must Do!

Chorizo Hash & Eggs (cell phone picture)

La Prenza Breakfast Enchiladas taken with my crappy cell phone camera

On Sunday morning, Heather and I decided to head over to Collingswood, NJ for a little brunch at the Tortilla Press. Collingswood is quickly becoming the Restaurant Row of South Jersey. The town has been able to maintain that old “home town” feel with it’s quaint shops and boutiques, while providing a unique and varied dining experience which is rivaling Center City. Restaurants like Word of Mouth, Nunzio’s, and the Pop Shop are helping to make Collingswood THE place to dine in South Jersey.

The Tortilla Press has been around since the beginning of this dining revolution. I’ve had dinner several times there but never taken advantage of the brunch. (The made-to-order guacamole is a must-have) Heather and I were both dying to have some Huevos Rancheros and we couldn’t wait any longer.

The Tortilla Press looks like a Mexican restaurant with it’s bright primary colors of blue, red, yellow, and green. The walls are adorned with paintings from the local community the incorporate those colors. They staff is friendly and courteous. The corner room has big double glass doors that slide open when the weather is nice. It was a little hot so the doors remained closed but they allowed an abundance of light fill the room.

The brunch menu is available Saturdays and Sundays. It is full of unique offerings like Breaded Calamari & Jalapeno Rings with Jalapeno Dipping Sauce ($8) and Strawberry & Banana Quesadilla filled with Canella Cream Cheese and served with Vanilla Yogurt ($8). The Pan Perdida ($10.50) is cinnamon & triple sec enhanced egg battered slices of bread, griddle fried and topped with cajeta-a Mexican caramel sauce. The guy seated at the table next to me ordered this and it looked fabulous. When he started pouring the cajeta sauce, I started to drool.

After reviewing the menu, Heather and I both opted for something different than the Huevos Rancheros. I ordered the Chorizo Hash and Eggs ($11). The chorizo hash is a mixture of diced potatoes, onions, and chorizo sausage. They are topped with 3 eggs and then topped again with a spicy hollandaise sauce and pico de gallo. Then the whole thing was topped with mult-colored tortilla strips.

I have to admit my meal was as good as it looked. They only disappointment was the hash, which to my account had no sausage in it what-so-ever. But it still tasted great with the eggs and sauce on top and I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

Heather ordered the La Prenza Breakfast Enchiladas ($10.50) which are scrambled eggs and cheese rolled in three (?) corn tortillas, smothered in gaujillo chile sauce. It is served with pinto beans and chorizo hash. Heather opted to have the enchiladas covered half with guajillo sauce and half with a green tomatillo sauce. The plate looked beautiful and tasted amazing, per Heather. She did agree with me that the chorizo hash had no chorizo in it and decided if we come again, she’d just order a side of chorizo with her meal.

I had decaffeinated coffee and Heather chose the “fresh squeezed” orange juice ($3). We were a little wary about the orange juice because “fresh squeezed” doesn’t always live up to it’s claim, but it sure did here. The juice wasn’t just orange, it glowed. Beautiful pieces of pulp floated in the glass and Heather exclaimed that it was taking every bit of effort not to suck it all down in one gulp.

Overall, brunch at The Tortilla Press is nothing short of fabulous. Mark Smith, Owner/Chef, has really put together a wonderful Mexican dining experience in beautiful downtown Collingswood. I seriously recommend it as a nice change to traveling into Philadelphia or dealing with the local, overdone Sunday Brunch buffets that most South Jersey Restaurants resort to. I know I’m going back. I still haven’t had my Huevos Rancheros. Ole!

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