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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Creating the Not Smoking Habit

It’s been a week since I have decided to quit smoking, and to be quite honest, it hasn’t been that hard. I still do struggle a little bit when I get into my car, have a cup of coffee, finish a meal, have a martini, or sit home watching TV. Actually, that seems like a lot of struggling. Since I still struggle, I’ve decided that I have to identify when I get the craving and what is actually causing the crave. For the most part, I believe it’s simply a habit that has been reinforced with a nicotine addiction.

For example, I get in the car and I want a cigarette. It’s an automatic feeling that washes over me like some mild medicine kicking-in. It’s a feeling I get during those other moments too. I guess you could say that my body is telling me that this was the time I smoked and it is expecting me to have a cigarette, darn it! If I ignore it, the craving eventually goes away only to rear its ugly head at the next designated crave-time. Recognizing those trigger points is half the battle and I believe that as time goes on, those cravings are going to diminish.

So far I have been able to resist these urges. In fact, I am craving a cigarette right now. Rather than smoke, I thought it would be a good idea to write down what I was feeling. Instead of smoking or writing, I could be in the kitchen right now stuffing my face with a piece of very delicious apple butter pie Heather made today. It’s a recipe she found that someone’s grandmother made for them because they didn’t like pumpkin pie. It resembles pumpkin pie in consistency but is slight darker in color and a bit sweeter. Boy, I know I could eat plenty of that. But I won’t because I’ve already gained two pounds and I don’t want to replace my smoking habit with an eating habit. (I’ll ask her for the recipe and post it at a later date)

I know I can do this and it’s not just the money anymore. My car does smell nicer and looks cleaner. My teeth look whiter already. I actually feel physically better. My chest doesn’t feel as tight and I bet my blood pressure has gone down. I’ll check that and post it later. I know it’s only been a week but every little bit of positive reinforcement helps.

The best way to provide positive reinforcement is to do those things that trigger the smoking craving and then just don’t smoke. And you need to do them over and over again. Your mind will get use to not smoking, instead of wanting to smoke, when you do those things. I think I’ll start with having a martini. Hey, I gotta start somewhere.


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you! Keep up the great job! I know it must be so hard to quit smoking, but all the rewards will pay off!
Love ya, Julie

Erin said...

Damn, now I really want apple pie. ;)


Anonymous said...

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