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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Top Ten Failed Urinal Screen Scents

For some reason at work today, we were talking about the urinal screens we sell and the weird scents that they are available in, like Cherry, Green Apple, and Bubble Gum.  Yes, I said "Bubble Gum." (For those gals who do not know what a urinal is, it's like a wall mounted toilette that gays pee into.)

Well this got us thinking about other weird scents for urinal screens and with a little help from a couple of my coworkers, I've come up with:

Top Ten Urinal Screen Scents That Didn't Quite Make It

10.  Port-o-potty
9.  Monkey Cage
8.  Frat Party
7.  Cigarette Butt
6.  Back Alley
5.  Homeless Man
4.  Sports Arena Parking Lot
3.  Subway Stair Well
2.  Coors Lite

And the number 1 failed urinal screen scent is:
1.  Brussel Sprouts
There you have the top ten failed scents.


Donnetta said...

What about asparagus?!?!

Too funny! These made my hubby crack up!

Lola said...

I'm with Donnetta, I think it's asparagus and urine that cause the foulest of odors.

Mystery Man said...

good to know i',m not the only that thinks of stuff like although i would switch cigarette butts with brussel sprouts

Steven @ Green Dads said...

Hey Preston,
Only gays per in them? :)

Alex the Girl said...

Ah, that list made my stomach turn.

Brandy said...

If these failed how come the urinals still smell this way? Why yes I've been in a man's room...and never, ever has one smelled like bubble gum.

Just sayin'...

Jaina said...

You know how long it took me to figure out what you were talking about? I read "urine" instead of "urinal" and was sitting here trying to figure out why anyone would want to scent a urine sample. Yeah. Lunch time anyone?

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...


Pixeltrash said...

You're hilarious. Good ones!

Kira said...

Your scents remind me of Jelly Belly flavors.

MakingMoney said...

Too funny, but do brussel Sprouts smell that bad, lol? Haven't ate those in years, he, he! It's a toss up between 10, 7, and 3 for the worst from me.


TuTu's Bliss said...

I thought they DO smell like that!

Invent the "BEER" candle or "Wiff of Strip Joint" or "Porn Star" and I know several men that would want to invest.

Meg said...

I don't think I would want my toilet to smell like anything. Yuck.

But have you ever thought that urinals need a back up bowl? For some reason guys can't aim right and its never in the bowl(Manswers) so having a back up bowl would come in handy!

JD at I Do Things said...

Did you mean "it's like a wall mounted toilette that GUYS pee into"? Or do only gays use urinals? I have a lot to learn, apparently.


I'm so glad to be a girl and not have to worry about peeing into a bubble-gum-scented . . . thing. What is even the point of the screen? To keep from splashing?

Did you know that the British pronounce it "UR-EYE-NUHL"? There you go.

Prometheus said...

I think homeless man made me laugh the most. I would suggest garlic or sewage.

Manda said...

too flipping funny! Homeless man... oh good god. But the killer is that there is one actually scented like bubble gum... that just changes the whole thought of getting bubble gum flavored medicine for my kids. I mean i will forever think of a urinal smelling the same way... it is cracking me up!!!!